The time and date of airing programs are worked out with Tom Loucks, multimedia coordinator, at Wisconsin Rapids Community Media. WRCM staff will check for audio and video quality, so it meets WRCM's broadcasting standards. If the program doesn’t meet the broadcasting standards the coordinator/staff has the discretion not to air the program until those standards are met.

Please drop off your program in the mail slot outside of the Centralia Center or make arrangements for electronic distribution with the multimedia coordinator.  All programs will be filed up to one month and maybe discarded. Please arrange a time to pick the videos if you wish to keep them. We also accept short informational videos that are played in our multi-zone content system. All programs that are submitted with equipment supplied by the station are the property of WRCM (City of Wisconsin Rapids).

  • I have made all appropriate arrangements and obtained all appropriate clearance from broadcast stations, networks, music, licensing organizations, performers, representatives and without limitation by the above, any and all other persons as may be necessary for authorization to cablecast and webcast the material in this program. Producers are fully responsible for the content of the programs that they produce. This responsibility includes libel, defamation, copyright, and any other legal accountability.
  • Criminal prosecution and/or civil lawsuits can result from illegal use of PEG access. Applicants are responsible for insuring that programming submitted is not obscene, libelous, or otherwise prohibited by law. Programming rules are not intended to exercise editorial control, but to keep Wisconsin Rapids Community Media a fair and open forum for all local residents.
  • Neither WRCM, City of Wisconsin Rapids or its employees accept any responsibility for the programs.
  • Complaints about programming:
  • Write a letter to the multimedia coordinator • Write a letter to the City Attorney

Programs not locally produced may have this form signed by a resident living in the City of Wisconsin Rapids Programs that the multimedia coordinator feels may not conform to community standards will be held, until reviewed by the multimedia coordinator and City of Wisconsin Rapids attorney. Programs produced by minors must have adult sponsor. If written permission of copyright materials is necessary, the multimedia coordinator may request a copy of that permission for office files before airing. I have read and understand the operating procedures.


Technical Acceptance Procedures

Programs can be delivered in high-definition 1920x1080i or 720p with a file extension of mp4, mov or mpg.  MPEG Files can also be delivered on a DVD MPEG 2 format on a DVD in 720x540i or 720x480i. Widescreen format is the preferable method to avoid stretching or the image being cut in standard definition.

A. Picture Quality/Technical Requirements

1. The picture must be in focus.

2. The picture must be free of excessive noise and grain.

3. Camera movement must appear reasonably smooth and continuous.

4. The picture must be stable and continuous - i.e. no jumps, movements, shifts in level or position.

5. The image needs to be level and not slopping upwards or downwards.

6. The subject filmed can’t be cut-off in the frame.

7. General composition rules are required.

B. Sound Quality/Technical Requirements

1. Sound levels need to be monitored correctly by the producer of the program.

All sound levels need to reach a minimum of -20 with peaks acceptable to -10. Audio that exceeds -10 or greater for longer periods of time will be distorted and may not be aired. Audio that is less than 2. 20 with be too low and may not be aired.

2. The audio must be free of spurious signals such as clicks, noise, hum and any distortion.

3. The audio must be reasonably continuous and smoothly mixed and edited

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